Sheikh Waqas Akram roars at Mubashir Luqman! “He is a Dirty Blackmailer”



    shiek waqas ya batin app ko tab yad aie jab os ny app ke hqiqat kol de os ny proof die hain app b ak press confrnce karin aur tamamm proof media ko dain
    app k krtoot samny laya hy app b himat karin zubani jam karch na karin with proof bat karin


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  • Akram Rao

    mubhsir luqmaan belongs from a talbaan and terrorist deo-band side and more over he is corrupt,people like him who are supporters of talbaans and wahabis should be banned or killed to clean this country,and i am not a shia but i know this guy waqas akram well,he is educated and good social person,we need people like him in our paraliments. Akram Rao Multan