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Saturday , April 19 2014
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Sarabjit Ka Waqia By Talat Hussain (2nd May 2013)


  • amir jafri

    While he is not hero to me, we must all understand that what happened to Sarabjeet in the Pakistani jail should shame us all because it violates international norms of fairplay and justice.. And, Tallat Hussain should know better than condoning such acts and pandering to the yahoos. I hereby boycott Tallat Hussain's programs and writings.

    • nadeem

      you also seem the agent of india. shut up

  • Mian Basharat Ali


  • usman

    Indian terrorist sarbabjit singh is killer of many pakistanis and reponsible for 5 blast in pakistan and indian media potrates him as a hero and their p m said he is a brave man.this is the acceptance that indians involve in promoting terror attack in Pakistan…
    i think this is justice with this enemy of Pakistan he must had been brutaly killed just like same as our men died in blasts which he plan.he get just a simple death and also got the fame in his country.
    i ask one question from media of Pakistan why donot they promote ajmal kasab as hero.?
    if an indian kills pakistanis and become hero in his country then why don"t a pakistani cannot become hero.