Altaf Hussain Made Headlines IN BBC 10 ‘O Clock (19th May 2013)

Altaf Hussain Made Headlines IN BBC 10 ‘O Clock (19th May 2013)

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  • Pakistani

    Simple questions for any BRITISH CITIZEN or BRITISH Govt.

    1) will you allow any country's citizen to deliver hatred speeches in your country???

    2) will you allow any of your citizen or a Non-Resident British national to detach a piece of your land from your country?

    3) if its evident and a thousands of mouth speaking that the man (on political asylum in your country) is a murderer, who are those unknown gun-men who close KARACHI within seconds, who is involved in the collection ransom then why don't you inquire by your own-self?

    4) if this man is having a threat to life in Pakistan, then how and why he is run and lead a political party cum terrorist organization in Pakistan?

    5) last but not least…will a BRITISH Citizen and BRITISH GOVT will ever wish that millions of Pakistani compel to think that its actually the BRITISH Govt who is really involved in the conspiracies against PAKISTAN, that's why they have provided asylum to Mr. Altaf Hussain and he can operate in Pakistan to break it into pieces.