Meray Mutabiq with Hassan Nisar (2nd June 2013)

Hassan Nisar Analyst in an exclusive interview with Aisha Khalid in fresh episode of Meray Mutabiq on Geo News.

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  • Anees Kittur

    Dear, Hassan Nisar
    I don't know how influenced man you are in Pakistan, but no doubt you are an intelligent man, comming toTV show's for 25 minute and share your wounded heart to Nation is only beneficialt to wealthy media CEO, for there ratings. With all do respect you are intellectuals of society writing an artical is not enough.
    Imagin if Honorable Mr Abdul Satar Eddhi just write or talk about humanity, what would happen.
    You could make a real diffrence, may be not like Sir Eddhi, but you could.
    you have million's of reader ask them for help to help Pakistani,start a cyber School's in every corners and dark allyes of Pakistan for unfortunate children's, I personally provide you dozzens of teacher to teach on line for free of cost, from the west, all you need is students and donations to pay for computers and other expences.
    Please write me back if you could.

  • Anees Kittur

    To start with i will provide three Lap top, i know hundreds of like me will do the same.