Aman Ullah,Sakhawat Naz And Iftikhar Thakar Left Khabar Naak



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  • atif

    without Amanullah, u can just go to Hell Aftab iqbal … Am fan of ths show only and only because of Amanullah and 3 others comedian, i have noticed that and commented many times that this show shouldnt be run by Aftab as he is total duffer and think of himself as The most intelligent person on planet earth,,, No sir u r not , now just check the rating of your show from tday.

  • Aqeel

    gew channel par koi bandy ka puttar nahi he sab ghadar hen

    • sid

      u r right

  • shahzad

    aftab is traitor

  • sid

    bilkul sahi kaha

  • muhammad

    ya showw ab koi nai dakha ga
    ya 3no is show ki ronak tha
    aftab iqbal khud ek bara gatiya admi hai
    geo per sief ya progarm dakna ka tha ab ya b khatam

  • @jrmughal

    Yeh harami hay hei lanati kirdar hay

  • Taimur

    ye zaror sauch ho ga kiu k main aftab iqbal ko janta hun wo aisa hi insan hy

  • furqan

    ager aisa hwa hai tou bohat he intahi ahmakaana kaam hai ye……..

  • ajaz

    Khabar naak will become Ahmaq naak, now.

  • ahsanali1216

    Issi waha se is shakas ko phle hassebey hall se niklala gia tha

  • Pak spirit

    Always found it a boring and lifeless, disrespectful, vulgar program as most of programs of geo are substandard from moral and ethical point of view…Hasb-e-Hal is much better

  • muhammad amir rashid

    shukar hay…….thorra late chorra hay magar theek hay
    aftab apnay aap ko aflatoon samjhta hay……halan k is ne matric se aagay education e nae keee.
    drama baaz.
    amaan ullah ab old ho gaay hain……..pait b to paaalna hay na……….issi liay wo ye sab bardast krtay thay.

    aftab jaisay apnay aap ko sahafi kehnay waalay 2 takay k log nae hain…….kisi tawaaif ki nasaal se hain

  • anwar

    yeh program sirf aman ullah ke waja say acha tha ..aftab iqbal ko sorry karni chaiay..

  • Aftab

    I never missed this program for two years, if this is true I am very sorry to hear this, but Mr. Aftab should apologize for this, and bring them back .
    This message is for Mr. Aftab please say sorry to Amanulla before gets too late. I know he might won't come back but you guys work to gather for such a long time.

  • khalid

    Fitay munh Aftab iqbal………It is not GEO, it is JEW channel indeed!. Dr. Aamir liaqat jaisay ghattiya aadmi se Islamic programme ki comparing karwatay hain. PEMRA ko notice layna chahiye baqi programmes ka bhi.

  • azhar

    aman ullah is a legend and aftab iqbal is a novice in front of him..better wake up aftab

  • qadir from okara

    belkul bakwas show ha aman ullah ki waja sy hum dekhty thy ab nahi dil krta aftab agar ap show ko kamyab dekhna chahty ho tu aman ullah ko wapic lao warna show band kro

  • Ahmad

    Chutia host on a chutia channel .

    good work

  • khalid

    Khabarnak nahi balke Sharamnak. Aftab iqbal is just a showboy and like to talk about himself, his dresses, his knowledge and even his dog. He makes stupid mistakes and comments. I was watching this show only because of Amanullah and Sakhawat.

  • Ahmad

    I wrote to Aftab Iqbal exactly this problem, which he read out on the 7th June show this year. I warned him that Amanullah is a legend and one of Pakistan's greatest artist. But in the show, he's treated like a third class comedian, laughed at and put down because of age, dark skin and not having looks of a model. I did say that he is a visionary comedian and has an insight of our society as deep as Ahmad N Qasmi and Ashfaq Ahmad , and therefore treated as a national treasure. Well, Aftab and others sure paid heed to my request/warning. What a shame – what a loss. Don't think I'll be able to watch the show without The Legend. Here's the link to the 7 June show where my above objection was discussed – it's after 19 minutes into the show:

  • Ahmad

    This is exactly what I warned Aftab Iqbal about a couple of months ago – which he was kind enough to read out my letter on the 7th June show:
    Salaams Aftab Bhai. Mohammad Ahmad here from Glasgow, Scotland. I enjoy watching all your shows, they are a class act. As you know, most modern day media can be accesses all over the world, and if we want to be seen as a responsible members of the international community, then we’ll have to be mindful of the mores and contents of our electronic media especially. Two or three reasons why I’d like to bring something to your attention as regards Khabarnaak, esp as it has millions of regular viewers all around the world. 
    My main concern is the subtle but persistent demonstration of prejudice and discrimination by the comedians. It is mostly aimed at the legendary Amanullah Khan, because of his darker complexion and his not quite Imran Khan looks. Of course, an odd dig at these aspects is totally acceptable, but to do it consistently and in every programme is way over the top. Last night was even worse when the dummy Christ Gayle was a target of constant abuse on count of his race and colour. What impression does that give to our Pakistanis of darker complexion, be they boys and girls, or certain sections of our community. Additionally, in respect of Amnanullah, he is Pakistan’s liviving legend whose Punjabi comedy may never be matched again – a unique artist of the calibre of the likes of Mehndi Hasan, Nusrat Fateh Ali and  Omar Sharif etc. His insight into our society is every bit as deep as the late Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and Ashfaq Ahmad. I had the pleasure of meeting all three, and in the case of Amnanullah Sahib, I had the opportunity to film his first ever show in Scotland in 1992 when he was at his prime. it saddens me to see the young upstarts abuse him in each show – to know that they probably learnt so much from this genius, and perhaps even waited in the queues outside Al-hamra to see his particular brand of comedy and shows. I too have written and produced comedies both here and in Pakistan, but always refrained from such prejudice and discrimination to raise cheap laughter.  So, please more respect to The Man, and less emphasis on aspects that we are born with – be it religion, race, colour and creed.  I am most hopeful that you will pay some heed to my humble request. Thank you and keep up the brilliant work.  Regards,
    M Ahmad, Glasgow. 

  • Muhammad AMJAD AWAN

    I have also left watching khabarnaak and reverting back to hasbey haal

    Good bye Aftab Iqbal. Your attitude towards senior is very pathetic

  • Nabeel Ahmed

    khabarnaak ab dekhnay k qabil nahi raha
    amanullah, sakhawat naz or iftikhar thakur dunya news k 1 programm mzaq raat me atay hen wo show bohat jald hit ho jaye ga