Police to arrest Wasim Akram on keeping fiancee at his house without Nikah?

wasim-akram-shenier-thompso1LAHORE: Police should take action against former skipper Wasim Akram for keeping his fiancee Shaniera Thompson at his residence without proper marriage or Nikah, says a scholar.

Talking at a programme regarding the cultural and traditional view of keeping a fiance at the same residence prior to Nikah, Mufti Abdul Qawi says that had it be a poor man then police would not tolerate it for a while.

The laws of the country doesn’t allow to keep a woman at one’s house without proper marriage and police could take action on complaint.

“Being a national hero and services in a field don’t allow you to violate the national laws and Islamic injunctions on the issue,” he further said.

Wasim Akram had brought Ms. Thompson to Pakistan before Eid apparently to got her adapted with Pakistani culture.

Since then they have been under one roof, of course, with their relatives are with them too.

“We should have a bit softer stance, but Islamic traditions should not be violated,” Amina Masood Janjua, the lady working for the cause of missing person, said.

She went on saying, “Without our traditions, we are nothing. Being a national hero, Wasim should avoid such kind of thing. He could keep his fiancee at someone else’s house instead of his house.” via the news tribe