Misar Laho Laho … By Iftikhar Chaudhry

Misar Laho Laho … By Iftikhar Chaudhrymisar

  • mansoor

    The writer is supporting Mursi and as well as KSA unfortunately for all the folks Khadmain e Harmain has clearly said that KSA will support General Sisi so called anti islamic. Is n't that clear contradiction from the "greatest muslim country" and "Rehmat for all Muslims". Writer is notclear rather confused.
    Regarding Pakistani community working in KSA either you are doctor or engineer the social status you get is inferior than that of a saudi security guard. These are Aik Hain Muslim Haram Ki Pasbani Kay liye" until or unless we cut down our minds from the false propaganda that jews and christians are our enemies and all the evils are due to them we will not survive.