Sunday 20 April 2014
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Maya Khan Show on Express News (2nd September 2013)

Maya Khan presents a fresh episode of Maya Khan Show On Express News.

  • hassan

    Dear Friends
    I am Going to AWARE all of You regarding SIPLY, KALA JADOO, JINNAAT . . . etc, More than 95% of People are indulge in all these issues, and Fake Peers, AAMIL hazrat & Molvi sahibaan are Involve there to Making People Fool.
    I myself experience following audio Files and ALHAMDOLILLAH Got SHIFA with the order of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, its 100% true JINNAT, HASAD, NAZRE-BADD, SIPLY, KALA JADOO does exist but there is no need to Get verified about all this if You having any symptoms or facing any issues, even there is no need to Go to anyone for its treatment.

    First thing is You people should having firm believe on ALLAH and

    I hope You people will Listen Following Audio files and Come to know how to Get release from all these issues.

    1. one File contain a 20 mint description and real examples with AHADIS and prove from QURAN-e-PAK

    2. Second File Contain 1 hour Quaranic Sura which you need to listen.

    Link :

    I all those my brothers and sisters facing this issue will Follow the Proper way
    Need best wishes from all of You.
    if anyone having any query he can please consult with Me
    I am not a Professional all this is FREE & FEE SABEE LILLAH.
    don't consider me I Got impressed from TV Shows etc, I try to spread this Massage to them if anyone can do it will be a Great help for all Muslims.


  • hassan

    BROTHERS and SISTERS no need to contact anyone
    Just listen the attached files I upload with the Link I mention in My comment.
    Inshallah You People will Get shifa.


  • khan jee

    LoLzz . . . . Maya Khan show ka Behropia Baba Noori Benaqab hochuka hai :) , Maya Khan Apnay Show k Rating Bharhanay k liay Kuch bhe kar sakti hai is he waja say Samma Ch say bhe nikali gae the :) , Salute to Dunia tv Prog "Hasb-e-Hall" jiss nay us Dhongii baba ka poll kholl dea. :)

  • zubair

    Sab fake hai , lanat hoo en logon per jis larki ko jin hai woo dosre jin wale se dar door khare hogae os ki maan behthe rahe check it ,,,,,,,,,,, this is natural jaise maya khan uth waise hi woo larki uth gaye ………. js ka mtlab hai os larki ko koe jin nahe hain……………………..

    Allah ke bando , aaj kal hamare channels per India waloon ka bahut asar hai ……….. es liye aise lanti program kerte hain

  • Fareed

    shame on experess news for making people fool. Express News Should be banned.

  • Tahir

    Sharam karo yar. Logun ko boht bewakoof banaya hai aur boht lotaya hai. Thanks to Dunya news, every thing is exposed.