Javed Chaudhry, Shahzeb Khanzada fight in Express News Studio



ISLAMABAD: Javed Chaudhary and Shahzeb Khanzada, the two prominent anchors of the Express News, have reportedly attacked each other and wrestled over non-availability of studio.

Usman Manzoor, a senior journalist working with the Investigation Cell of leading English daily The News, has tweeted that Javed Chaudhry after trading harsh word’s with Khanzada rushed back to his car to bring his Gun but people pacified him.

“Friends in Express TV say Javaid Chaudhary rushed to his car to bring his gun but ppl (People) pacified him; fight continues over studio availability,” Manzoor tweeted.

Manzoor said that both had exchanged harsh word on Tuesday but the fight began again on Wednesday of the studio availability, adding that the television has only one studio in Islamabad.

“Javed Ch threw a chair at Khanzada which hit him on his arm; the CEO called the police which is still outside Express,” Manzoor tweeted in real time.

After the chair attack, Khanzada was moved to hospital for medical treatment.

“Shahzeb Khanzada is in Poly Clinic Hospital for medical treatment after getting hurt from a chair hurled at him by Javed Chaudhary,” said another tweet.

Later the journalist claimed that Javed Chaudhry had been fired from Express after fight.

Reaction of other journalists: