Javed Chaudhry, Shahzeb Khanzada fight in Express News Studio




ISLAMABAD: Javed Chaudhary and Shahzeb Khanzada, the two prominent anchors of the Express News, have reportedly attacked each other and wrestled over non-availability of studio.

Usman Manzoor, a senior journalist working with the Investigation Cell of leading English daily The News, has tweeted that Javed Chaudhry after trading harsh word’s with Khanzada rushed back to his car to bring his Gun but people pacified him.

“Friends in Express TV say Javaid Chaudhary rushed to his car to bring his gun but ppl (People) pacified him; fight continues over studio availability,” Manzoor tweeted.

Manzoor said that both had exchanged harsh word on Tuesday but the fight began again on Wednesday of the studio availability, adding that the television has only one studio in Islamabad.

“Javed Ch threw a chair at Khanzada which hit him on his arm; the CEO called the police which is still outside Express,” Manzoor tweeted in real time.

After the chair attack, Khanzada was moved to hospital for medical treatment.

“Shahzeb Khanzada is in Poly Clinic Hospital for medical treatment after getting hurt from a chair hurled at him by Javed Chaudhary,” said another tweet.

Later the journalist claimed that Javed Chaudhry had been fired from Express after fight.



Reaction of other journalists:



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    do not be srioues they r in talking show ..and it is the part of show………RATING UP HOO GI

  • Tasneem A Siddiqui

    Why people are worried about this, as these type of shows we have been watching since long under the supervision of these anchors, so if they fight together , its not a big deal. Keep it up man, nation will continue to enjoy

  • Realface

    This is serious, these people (Anchor Persons) who educate the people are so cruel and their real faces are very ugly. How Come they appear to the screen and give lecture to the nation, there own faces and hearts are so ugly

  • Khan1

    Dunya ko tameez dainae wale jahiel … tum taleem say achay insaan nahi ban saktay q k thumarey khoon main jahalt ha
    thmara naam hai ….. Chaud ……rey.

  • Aslam

    This incidence should also be fully coverage by all channels in every aspects and brougt the actual facts for thier all viewers as thier regular practise to deal with the all matters even petty level without caring for defamation of such high rated anchors.
    (Justice for all)

  • awais

    thank GOD it was between two journalists.otherwise it would have been a breaking news if a commomn man would have involved in a fight with so called journalists…..lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Muhammad Kaleem

    Aslam-O-Alycum Brothers,

    First – Ashamed on Media who exposed their act which was not so important to bring on Air Or print Media,.
    Second: Javaid Ch, who is senior and always his Intro was with possitive stories, but Today i came to know that he was selling those words, he should Implement and act positive as per his personality . I don't know much about other guy but Javaid Ch lost his image in front of his Fans like me who only beleive about personalities with their words and act.

    May ALLAH give Hadayat to all Media anchors who are sincere with Pakistan

    Forgivness is the Best and Recommended act.

    Jazaak Allah Khair

  • gujjar adnan

    You must be new to anyone that another brother is very wrong This fight is javed chaudhry is great butt no fight

  • Abdul Sattar

    Shame on media for hiding the matter. JC i already judged you in one TV show that you have zero tolerance. Look your نمے
    face before targeting politicians and others.

  • imranchuhadry

    javed chuhadry zat ka gujjar hay wo 5din say nahaya nahin tha is wasty shazab say lar pra

    • sohail khan

      Javed choudhry , this is your real ugly face and character. you have been alway s pretending to be champion of democracy hence against pervez musharraf, but this is your democracy and tolerance. you are also a dictactor by mindset.

  • Yasir

    Real example of hypocrites – Have you ever seen them in their talk shows? Did you ever read their articles? They show themselves as very sophisticated before the public and they chair to criticize people, governments, systems etc but their real faces are so cruel, when they sit on TV shows in suited booted & they think they are the real educated people on earth but the fact is they are among us like 'We People'. Governments and systems are nothing but the people who make them. That's why Pakistan is nowhere going towards betterment, just because of our hypocrisy.

    Blind fan followers of such kind of people are also hypocrites who always keep themselves busy in commenting on their write ups as 'Subhan Allah, Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah, Allah apko Jaza-e-Khair daay, you are doing great job' etc when they write about Islam. In short, Nutz always Nutz, doesn't matter what they portray and pretend.

  • abdur Razzaq

    I really hurt to know about Javed chaudery he is personally very rude guy I hate you……..coz you give the lesson in your columne and what you are doing so bad……. Shame on you Javed chaudery now from today you should not suggest to any one about anything.okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • M.Saeed

    So this the reality of our showmen?
    Perhaps, a thorough screening of merits is the the foremost urgency today.

  • debater

    We need to evaluate all our journalist before unleashing them in the public.

  • dilla knoll

    IF v c Javed 's show v c that he pretended to be very learned person with a deep eye on muslim history. he said and scandalized musharaf (i m no fan of him) and other people in such rude words that one could never imagin