Pakistani Intelligence Agencies Tapping Phone Calls of VIPs

ISLAMABAD: Phone bugging of politicians, journalists, government officials and even rulers by secret agencies continues to be their favourite hobby though they should be focusing their attention on security issues and mounting incidents of terrorism.
Key officials in the government, holding important positions, have been shocked to learn that not only their casual talk with their friends and acquaintances is tapped but the transcripts of such conversations are provided to the concerned officials about whom the negative casual remarks are passed.

This is “old habits die hard” like situation for the intelligence agencies which have been repeatedly warned by no less than the Supreme Court of Pakistan to desist from this illegal practice. Instead of focusing their energies and resources on the issues of national security, the intelligence agencies have now started secretly sharing the controversial transcripts to embarrass others besides creating rifts among colleagues.

Although publicly the agencies deny this but there is no guarantee that the judges are spared from this illegal tapping business.