Malala aur Iss Key Promotores By Orya Maqbool Jan


Malala aur Iss Key Promotores By Orya Maqbool Jan x4725_33849744.jpg.pagespeed.ic.lF1np9__ji


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  • farrukh

    you are warrior sir

  • Nabeel Ahmed


  • behzad

    once in a while look your self in mirror, yes you are right Muslims will do any thing for money, even sell there mothers. that is your history. Islam was spread by sword, you don’t have a strong sword now… what have Muslims done for humanity lately? other then destroying and killing?

    • yasir

      mr. behzad akr reality nai pata tu kindly wrong information na likho and Muslims ne humanity k lye jo kuch kia u can’t calculate it and jo sword ka word likha hai lagta hai tm ne b west ki books parhi hai warna tm kbi aise na likhte

    • Knowledge

      Do you know Algebra? Why its name sound Arabic?

    • Khalid Masood

      Biggest Islamic Country is Indonesia… when and how big Muslim Army went and conquered that land and forced them to convert… ? Plz answer…

    • Madiha Obaid

      very limited knowledge …. ALEXANDER was not muslim, HITLER WAS NOT MUSLIM…. I THINK CHANGEEZ KHAN AND HALAKOO KHAN WERE NOT MUSLIMS ….BUT ABU BAKR, UMER, USMAN AND ALI WERE MUSLIMS, khalid bin waleed saad bin abi waqas, umer saani, salahuddin ayubi, nooruddin zangi, tipu sultan they were muslims do the comparative study n then decide…..islam is still the most influencing religion and spreading all over the world other than any religion … now what sword is they r using??? for humanity if i only n only mention the name ABDUL SATTAR EDHI it will be enuff…. Pakistan and saudia are among those countries who have highest number of persons who give charity


      You are stupid. People like malala & you are the people who would sell their mothers for money. You are filth of socity. You are the garbage which should be thrown away.

    • khalidjhngr

      Shah se ziada shah ke wafadar sahib, do you know how many innocents were killed during world war I and II? Do you think Muslims were behind this. For taking revenge of fabricated story of 9/11 due to self interest whose master minds are not hidden lives from how many innocents have been snatched, do you think Muslims’re behind this? Why during every decade US needs an alive war zone while non of its’ two neighboring countries can be ever in position to attach it? Why defense industry doesn’t seem to file bankruptcy because its blood line is linked with killings of innocents. If Muslim didn’t give any thing to West roaming in darkness few centuries before than of course no one did any thing in this world. You need to change the number of your glasses. Seriously.

    • proud muslim

      i did nt know ur religion bt f u r a muslim,, then ask ur mother that which muslim worrier came to u and by force covert u to muslim,,, stupid,,,first study the muslims history then talk.

  • Khalish

    Iss kaam meiN hamaare danishwar.e.aala Janaab Hamid Mir sar.e.fehrist haiN. Inki paani se gaaRi chalne waali tarkeeb nahi chali tu inhooN ne Malala ko goud ley liya.

  • Saqib Mohiuddin

    Wow…………….i would say you and your kind is the reason for the destruction of Islam. The way you are trying to save the face of Taliban must be condemned. It was not Malala who has blown the Church killing 80 people. It was not Malala who has killed 50 thousand plus Pakistanis. It is not Malala who is beheading Pak Army personals.

    Even if she is being used by West, she is focusing and working on one thing ONLY, Education. Hopefully you know the importance of Education.

    Taliban has destroyed more than 500 schools in KPK and FATA, but people like you are the reason of the existence of Taliban. Covering and harboring the heinous crimes.

    • Madiha Obaid

      just think before u speak …..i think u dont even know the alif bay of REAL EDUCATION…. what kind of education she is promoting by criticizing islam and favoring a person in the name of freedom of speech who insulted our religion our prophet… if she is right then it means u r OK with making movies and cartoons against islam and prophet.

      afreen hy aap per kuch tu insaan islami or qauni ghairat ka saboot dy

    • umair hameed

      Dude ..In his column i dont find even one line that he wrote in favour of talibans.Education? huh just tell her come pakistan and spread and work for education .And the last thing you said about talibans and killings .TTP Tehrik taliban pakistan are fake talibans funded by RAW and CIA to create anarchy in pakistan .Mullah Umer the leader of orignal taliban said we have no link with TTP or laskre taiba or any other oragnization .and plz stop belieing on those facts the facts media show us is equal to Illuminati

    • enginneer siyad

      na laiq insan….. tujhe ye sentences lekti hoi sharam b nahi aye, malala jo pakistan or islam k ooper aik dagh hai, us ka tu ne favour kiya….. non sense

    • khalidjhngr

      “Sharam tum ko magar naheen a’atee”. Kahan kee eint kahan ka rorra, bhan-matti ne kunba jorra.
      Are you really unable to justify the situation or you are programmed from some where else?

  • Faisal Shahzad

    very good sir… u wrote true situation… malalah is “zalalah” for Pakistan and Muslims…

  • Imran Ali

    بہت عمدہ سر جی۔ اللہ کرے زور قلم اور ذیادہ۔

  • anqa

    very impressive… great !!!

  • proud muslim

    excellent article

  • saifullah

    Ap ka kalam phr k mehsoos hoa hay k aaj bhe sach likhnay walay log mojod hin
    true everything true
    allah ap ko hamisha sach likhnay ki tofiq ata frmay aamien

  • Haider

    the real king of kings is Hazrat Umer (R.A) . Alexander is nothing in front of him. Unfortunately, our literature teaches us the way they non-muslims want. if you have doubt just compare Hazrat Umer (R.A) era with Alexander, you will definitely find out the difference………………………………………………………………….