Moor (2014) Trailer – New Pakistani Movie

Another patriotic Pakistani film MOOR is in the final stages of preparation, it will be released in 2014 , this trend of new filmes is such an important step against Indian Movies.
Moor (2014) also Known as Morqaye
Morqaye follows the tragic story a family pulled apart through corruption and circumstances out of their control.
With hopes of making it to the big screens and re-introducing Pakistani cinema to its locals, this movie is about the harsh realities of what happens in troubled areas of our country.
Jami Mahmood widely known as ‘Jami’ is the director for Morqaye, and with his name attached to it, it is expected that Morqyae will be a great addition to the Pakistani film industry.
Nadeem Mandviwalla, the owner of Mandviwalla Entertainment and the popular Atrium Cinemas is involved in financing the movie and bringing it to the big screens. He commented on current situation saying, “Whatever is required at this moment to rebuild Pakistani cinema, I’m willing to do it and I am willing to fight for it.” Watch Trailer Below: