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Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was strip searched By U.S Police (Video)

Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was strip searched By U.S Police (Video)

  • Muhammad Arif Domki

    I am a Pakistani and condemn the manhandling of an Indian woman in this way by the American Police. This is outrageous, totally inhuman behavior on the part of the Americans and unacceptable in its form and manifestation. If she did anything wrong she must have been arrested and brought before any court of law through due course. But this is not the way Americans maltreat anyone they want. We all must condemn this.

  • Lok Sakthi

    fake fabricated video.

  • well

    this should not be done anybody as a humanity.

  • well

    beshak india hamra bohat bara dosman hai lakin pir b main yeh kaho ga k aisa nahi hona chahiyeh tha is larki say izeet bohat bari cheez hai

    • Sonu Chatha

      How is India your dushman yaar. I am an Indian and I have many Pakistani friends and we are like brothers!!

      • Amjad Khattak

        But You are a mature person, here we are missing the same maturity that u have……. Long live INDIA, Although I am Pakistani

  • Abdul Ghaffar Asar

    we are living 3rd world country.. so did not know about law…

  • Marghoob Ahmed Siddiqui

    India reacted on what happened with her diplomat. We Pakistanis don’t have courage to say any thing what may be done with us. We are living on the “charity” given by America so are unable to talk.

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