Video Scandal : Meera & Captain Naveed part ways

4-1-2012_42522_l[dropcap]L[/dropcap]AHORE: Pakistani actress Meera and her husband Captain Naveed have separated only three months after the couple tied the knot in the United States. Raja Pervez, Meera’s father-in-law, told media that his son had returned to the US without informing his actress wife.

He said that Meera reached New York yesterday (Thursday) and asked Naveed to come to the airport. Pervez said he asked his son to either leave their parents or his wife, adding that Naveed didn’t go to the airport to receive Meera. He said that Naveed’s mother didn’t allow Meera to enter their house as she reached there.

Meera had went to US to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her husband captain Naveed. Raja Pervez said that Meera has humiliated them with the indecent video making rounds on the internet. He further said that Meera acts as his daughter-in-law when in US but treats Naveed like a friend or total stranger when in Pakistan. Unwelcomed Meera has reportedly been waiting while crying at train station near Captain Naveed’s house. Meera’s secretary has denied the reports terming them baseless.

Earlier this year, Meera’s alleged adult video had surfaced the internet and subsequently went viral. Meera had termed the video as ‘fake’ while the love subject in the video Captain Naveed had claimed to be in matrimonial relationship with the actress. VIA Khyber News