Ayyan Ali is 5 months pregnant, claims Mubashir Lucman

Ayyan-Ali-5-months-pregnant-Mubashir-LucmanMubashir Lucman, a popular TV host on Pakistani news media, has recently claimed that supermodel Ayyan Ali is five months pregnant. “News is now confirmed Ayan Ali is 5 months pregnant I cross checked with my source and its true bad news for her and someone in Dubai,” Lucman tweeted.

Before breaking the news, Lucman first asked his followers if they believe that the model was pregnant or not, and then, he  made his claim that the authorities had apparently confirmed the new to him and would break it soon. He claimed that her DNA was being done too.

“Her life is in grave danger. Ayan must be protected from being silenced,” Mubashir tweeted, Showing concerns regarding her safety.

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