Population Growth: Is it too late?

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphplPQZCKBy  Shahzeb Farrukh

Consistently we wake up in our agreeable beds, use up water for sprucing up, have a satisfying breakfast and go ahead with our everyday lives.

However this is not the same for the less special and we continually neglect to understand that this extravagance that we have at this moment won’t keep going forever as these assets are being spent at a disturbing rate!

The explanation behind our own particular fate is the disturbing development in populace or over population of our nation as well as the whole world itself. As per the monetary review of Pakistan 2010-11, the aggregate populace of Pakistan is 177.1 million against the 173.5 million in a year ago. Populace development rate is 2.1 % and in the rundown of most crowded nations, Pakistan is at sixth number.

There are numerous reasons why the populace in Pakistan is quickly expanding at an alarming rate. First of all Muslims have a strong conviction that Allah offers sustenance to everybody even to a subterranean insect living in a stone. All in all, why they decrease the extent of your family? Lack of education additionally assumes a noteworthy part in populace development as individuals don’t know about the monetary issues brought on by high conception rate. Education rate is only 57.7 % in Pakistan. Also, in less developed ranges of Pakistan, conception of a male youngster is seen as a chance to add to the family income as the male kid can work to add to the family wage. A solitary individual can hardly make enough money to support his large family. He supposes to have more kids to have all the more winning hands.  Absence of Family Planning is another major reason for the quickly expanding populace of Pakistan. Viable family arranging is not accessible in Pakistan. Individuals are not acquainted with the techniques for family planning.

The high populace development in Pakistan causes serious economic and social issues, for example, housing, education, health, transport, water, power and so on. Rising populace can’t be given the essential necessities of life in developing nations like Pakistan. In this way, rising populace results in a low standard of living for majority. Around 21 % populace is living beneath the poverty line. Furthermore; it is difficult to give occupations to such exceptionally developing populace in Pakistan. It results in unemployment, under-job and masked unemployment. This is why the rate of unemployment in Pakistan is 5.6%! The remaining ones that cannot find employment or make a fair mean of living are forced to turn to illegal ways of supporting themselves and their families such as crime, theft, murder, etc.

The following necessary steps must be taken immediately to counter the effects of rising population. First of all the government must provide more “cost free” educational facilities to the less developed areas of Pakistan. This will help to paint a clearer picture for these people and make them realize the consequences of over population. Government ought to control the high development rate of populace by introducing effective family planning programs. Free of cost contraceptive medicines must be distributed to developing areas of Pakistan to help limit the population growth. More employment opportunities must be given to the youthful, capable, prepared and instructed populace. It will be useful to diminish the quick conception rate. Finally, more women must be empowered, educated and employed in Pakistan to limit expanding conception rates. Currently only 29 % women take a dynamic part in the monetary exercises in Pakistan. They live full time at home and have no other options in life but to raise their children. This mindset must change if Pakistan is to move towards the right track.