Omani village where sun shines for just 3.5 hours

V2news54s45fd54sfMUSCAT: Do you know about a place in the world which is situated above sea love and has one of the shortest days?
You’ll now become familiar of this fact.

News circulating on social media about a village in Oman having the shortest Ramadan fasting period is untrue, claims the Ministry of Tourism.

The report claimed that the sun rises at 11am and sets at around 2.30pm in Wekan, which is located about 150km from capital Muscat and is above 2,000 meters above sea level.

An official at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, as quoted by Times of Oman, said, “This is not possible. Even if it is difficult to see the sun in some mountainous areas, it doesn’t mean that the sun has not risen”

The village, accessible by donkeys, horses and four-wheel vehicles, is situated in the Northern Al-Batinah province, nearly 150km from the capital Muscat.

The Saudi daily ‘Ajel’ said the village has one of the shortest fasting times in the world but it was not clear whether the Wekanians follow that time in fasting.