Pakistan increase troop deployment across Torkham after deadly clashes

57604173ada54news56s56sf5sf5The death of Pakistani army officer on Tuesday, after being shot by Afghan forces in a clash across Torkham border, is likely to ratchet up tension between the two neighbouring countries — who sources said were beefing up troop numbers on either side.

The Pakistan army has moved heavy weaponry and additional troops to the Afghan border on Monday night, said Pakistani security officials, who wished not to be identified because they were not authorised to speak to the media.

A senior military official, while talking to Media, said that the gate at Torkham will now be built and at any cost.

“If someone tries to create hindrance in the process, the army will retaliate with full force,” he added.

The officer said the construction of this gate was agreed upon by both sides during a bilateral meeting and it was decided that the construction work will be done during Ramazan after iftar.

“But the Afghan authorities are again violating the mutual agreement.”