Saudi’s King Salman issues new directives on unpaid salaries for foreign workers


news56sf54f54Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has allocated SAR 100m ($266.5m) and issued a series of directives with the intention of resolving all cases of unpaid salaries in the kingdom.

This follows complaints from hundreds of thousands of workers in the construction sector over unpaid dues. reports that the directive obliges companies to pay the salaries of their workers through the wage protection programme.

Under the system, companies will not be paid for their work by the government until the Ministry of Labour confirms that workers’ salaries have been paid on time.

The SAR 100m fund will be deposited in the Saudi Arab Fund with the intention of deducting any costs related to resolving the issue from violating firms’ accounts.

In recent months, local construction firms Saudi Oger and Saudi Binladin Group have made headlines following protests and thousands of complaints from workers over unpaid wages.

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