Pakistani Teenager Billionaire’ Says He Will ‘Learn To Drive In His Rolls-Royce’ After His Uninsured Maserati Was Seized By Police

hamza-shaikh3news4sf5sf54hamza-shaikh219 year old Humza Shiekh who claims to be a billionaire from Pakistan was fined with his gold-plated Maserati GranCabrio siezed on suspicion by the London police. The teenager was driving the Maserati GranCabrio with the L-plates in Kingston onto which the police got suspicious and had the boy fined alongside seizing the car.
According to Hamza’s claims, he was forced to hand over the keys after which the police seized the vehicle after checks found that the teenager was not insured to drive. Hamza Sheikh claimed that due to his ‘busy lifestyle’ he missed a letter from the insurance company which was the reason he was not insured.

He is now likely to face six points on his drivers licence along with a £300 fine but remains unfazed, asserting that he will just ‘drive in a Rolls-Royce with insurance’ or any of his other luxury cars that he says to be worth over £1million.

According to Hamza, ‘I have a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover. I am just waiting for my new gold Lamborghini to be delivered in the meantime,’ he said.