Put this in your mouth and that frustrating toothache will disappear in a few seconds

Toothache-Will-Disappear-in-A-Few-Seconds-teeth-painnews54sf45Natural Remedy That Removes Toothache In Just A Few Seconds:
To make this simple and great remedy all you’ll need are the following ingredients:

Clove powder
Coconut oil
As you see, you can find these ingredients extremely easy or you may already have them at your home. To make this natural remedy follow this procedure:

Take half a teaspoon of both ingredients, put them in a glass and mix until you get a paste consistency.

Apply this mixture on the tooth and gum that’s hurting you and you will feel instant relief (you can do this up to three times a day).

Why This Remedy Really Works?
All this is due to eugenol, a substance contained in the clove powder, which is a really effective analgesic, while the coconut oil has antibacterial effects.

Everyone should know about this effective homemade remedy! Share this article and help your friends and relatives to get rid of the tooth pain.

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