Girl power: Meet Pakistan’s weightlifting champion Saima Manzoor

saima-manzoornews65sf5656fWeightlifter. Housewife. Mom. This wonder woman from Lahore has just raised the bar for awesomeness.

Saima Manzoor is a national weightlifting champion who already has her eyes set on representing her country in international competitions. And while she’s at it, she also juggles the responsibilities that come with being a housewife and a mother of a four-year-old.

So how does she do it? “Passion and time management,” she smiles as she speaks to Geo News. “It’s all about your determination to do what you love and how well you manage your time.”

The weightlifter is also determined to show the world that women can do anything.

“Women aren’t delicate. They can do anything in the world. They can be an athlete, a wife, a mom all at the same time,” she says.

Saima’s day starts like any other mother’s. She wakes up her son, gets him ready for school, drops him off. And then she starts her training and gets busy lifting weights.

Like any true Lahori, she loves food and is a big fan of lassi.

“I’m a Lahori, of course I love food,” she laughs. “But I also have a diet regime which I follow to stay fit and active.”

Saima wants to make the nation proud. It’s her dream to represent Pakistan all around the world and she’s determined to make it happen.