Friday , July 25 2014
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Singer Justin Bieber Stopped Concert for Respect Azan


Justin Bieber has finally hit headlines for a positive reason after impressing fans this week when he temporarily halted his concert in Turkey to allow his audience to take part in the Muslim prayer call. The ‘Beauty and a Beat’ singer performed a show on his ‘Believe’ tour at Istanbul’s ITU Stadium on Thursday evening and it appears the singer ... Read More »

It’s now about the VIPs for Ali Gul Pir


LAHORE: After singing about the stereotypical Waderai Ka Beta and then throwing the creepy Taroo Maroo in the limelight, comedian-turned-singer Ali Gul Pir is now back with a third single, VIP. This time, as the name suggests, the track is about “very important people” or “big shots” who think they are above the all-so-ordinary awaam. “It’s a very angry song ... Read More »

‘Chambaili’ changes the scene across Pakistan


KARACHI: ‘Chambaili’ is remarkably a different movie as the new generation has stunned the viewers through their splendid work and acting. Such films are rarely produced which make people think about their own country. Its story, acting and music are really praiseworthy. These views were expressed by several film viewers after watching this movie. By watching this movie the fragrance ... Read More »

‘First political film (Chambaili) made in Pakistan’ introduced


KARACHI: Emotional Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) supporters should read the following review with a pinch of salt. Chambaili is indeed an alternative narrative to present day Pakistan, which many hope will be saved by Imran Khan. If only it were done right…sigh. Setting a film like Chambaili in a make-believe place might save a film-maker from the sharp axe of the ... Read More »

Shamshad Begum dies at 94


NEW DELHI: Legendary singer Shamshad Begum, one of the first playback singers in the Hindi film industry and voice behind hit songs like ‘Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon’, ‘Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar’ and ‘Kajra Mohabbat Wala’, died at her Mumbai residence. She was 94. “She was not keeping well for past few months and was admitted to the hospital. She passed ... Read More »