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“Do not want paint my face black in Thar Coal” Dr. Mubarakmand gets emotional on govt apathy

Islamabad: A national hero in Pakistan Dr. Samar Mubarakmandgets emotional on criticism hitting  him on Thar Coal Power Project at a parliamentary committee revealing the project has been closed due to insufficient funds.

“ٰEarlier we have made nuclear bomb. I just wish to serve my country and do not want paint my face in black in coal reserves.”

In an emotional tone at Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee, prominent scientist says he does not get personal perks from the project.

“I am a member of Planning Commission and I will not make money from the project,” he adds in shaky voice.

“I do not take salary from Thar Coal Power generation project nor I intended in future. I am a scientist not a commercial person.”

Dr. Mubarak, nevertheless, shows his determination over continuation of the project.

“I will not let the Thar Coal reserves go in vain that is why I am repeatedly asking for funds.”

It was also revealed that 100 MegaWatt project, envisions generating electricity from Thar Coal reserves, has virtually been closed due non-payment of the fund from federal government.

The committee was informed that project staff was also leaving the project as they have not got salaries from last two months.

“National Bank of Pakistan has torn Letter of Comfort from the president asking to release Rs. 5 billion for the project,” the committee proceedings further added.

Founding team leader of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has also criticized Dr. Samar Mubarakmand alleging the latter one is be-fooling the nation on Thar Coal Power Project.