Lahore Model Town Security Guard Protest 01 September 2012

LAHORE: A Model Town Security employee climbed a 150 feet tall electricity pylon outside the house of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday to protest against the change in the nature of his job.
According to Express News correspondent Noman Sheikh, Hasnat was working as a driver for Model Town Security but was recently ordered to perform the duties of a security guard when he returned to work after four-day leave.
Hasnat protested against the change and demanded to be reinstated to his earlier post. He also said that his salary for four-day leave should not be cut as he had earlier informed the authorities about his absence.
The protester came down after he was assured that his demands were accepted.
Rescue officials and police were present in the area and were in contact with Hasnat through his mobile phone.
To ensure the protester’s safety, power supply to the tower was also cut off.