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Rimsha case: Imam masjid Khalid Jadoon held

ISLAMABAD: Police have arrested ‘imam masjid’ (prayer leader in the mosque), Khalid Jadoon, accused of tampering with the evidence against Rimsha Maseeh, who has been in detention since she was allegedly found holding in her hand burnt pages with holy verses printed on them, Geo News reported.

Earlier an eyewitness, in his statement before the magistrate on Saturday, said that Khalid Jadoon rigged the evidence against Rimsha Maseeh.

According to Hafiz Muhammad Zubair, the eyewitness, he was observing Itekaf in the mosque when he learnt about the incident of alleged burning of pages with Quranic verses printed on them.

He said that Ammad, the complainant in the case, handed over the ashes of pages with Quranic verses on them to the Imam of the mosque Khalid Jadoon, who also added more pages to it.

The eyewitness further said in his statement that he himself along with two more Itekaf observers protested against this brazen act of fudging the evidence against the poor girl. He said that he and other eyewitnesses had asked Khalid Jadoon to present the real evidences against Rimsha.

Meanwhile, the religious scholar Tahir Ashrafi has asked the Ulema as to what kind of punishment Imams like Khalid Jadoon deserved.