Profile of Mehar Bukhari

Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation(s): Dunya News
Citizenship: Pakistani
She started her career as a Journalist and a Host on TV programs in SAMAA TV from which she was later fired. Then she joined Dunya News and is currently working on it. On the 13th of June, 2012, she interviewed Malik Riaz Hussain a Pakistani billionaire land developer who had made a string of accusations against the son of the chief Justice of Pakistan. On 14th June a youtube video surfaced that showed a supposedly off-camera conversation between herself and Malik during the scheduled breaks, that showed how she staged the whole interview to benefit Malik Riaz and asked guided questions to give Malik an opportunity to malign the Chief Justice.

Education and Career
She was bought up and raised in Pakistan, went abroad in pursuit of higher education, and inevitably returned. This macro, eagle’s vision view of my life, proves that life, although fortunate, has been nothing extraordinary. However, as we all know, beauty lies in the finer details of life, and mine is no exception. The most recent, ironical and beautiful being, my return home in search of my ‘nai rahain’

She is getting very popular in the youngsters these days due to his vocal quality.

Interview with Imran khan
Her Interview with Imran khan and especially his intro for Imran khan was fantastic, it says “There are only three ways to get famous in Pakistan, either you are a politician or you are a philanthropist or you are a cricketer but Imran khan is combination of all three”.

No Doubt, Meher Bukhari is a rising talent and is a new star in Pakistani electronic media.

Mehar Bukhari Like Madhuri
Meher Bukhari is touching every heart and one just goes to remember “Madhuri”on seeing her for the first time.

Political Experience

Meher Bukhari is Brave and sharp. She Knows every thing about Pakistani Politics and Know how to get to the Point.

There is also a Scandal of Meher Bukhari about her Party Pics with foreigners but those pictures are nothing. She is Still Strong and Doing Good for Pakistani Media.

Currently she is working as a host on Dunya News, in a program "Cross Fire with Meher Bukhari”. In this program, she interviews Pakistani politicians, and talks about the current affairs in Pakistan. In November 2011, Bukhari married ARY News current affairs talk show anchor Kashif Abbasi.