How to remove Extra SIMs registered against your CNIC ?

1.    Click the link online Sim Verification System and obtain count of SIMs against your CNIC.

2.    If count of SIMs of any mobile company is found in excess of the actual SIMs in your use, visit link of that particular company listed below


CompanyLinkEmail Address
MobilinkFor Mobilink Click Here [email protected]
UfoneFor Ufone Click Here [email protected]
TelenorFor Telenor Click Here [email protected]
WaridFor Warid Click Here [email protected]
ZongFor Zong Click Here [email protected]

3. Download relevant form from company’s website. Fill the form and email scanned filled form along with scanned copy of NICOP (both sides)/CNIC and passport at email address given at company’s website

4. Company will give a reference number to the complaint and your NICOP/CNIC will be used for the purpose.

5. Extra SIMs registered against your CNIC shall be removed within 24 hours of the receipt of your complaint.

6. Database at PTA’s website will be updated after 45 days. You can confirm removal of extra SIMs by revisiting after 45 days.