Security agency foil plane hijacking attempt at Lahore Airport

Thai-Airways-747news5a0d8sf08f5LAHORE: Security agencies have foiled hijacking attempt of a foreign airline aircraft from Lahore Airport and arrested four alleged hijackers, while airport security has been reviewed after the incident.
According to sources, Security agencies arrested four accused from Allama Iqbal International Airport, in which three suspects were arrested from airport departure lounge, while one was off-loaded from the aircraft. The arrested suspects in lounge had weapons. Four were Thai citizens and were studying in Swat Madrasah Masjid Al-Qasim.
According to Security sources, the accused wanted to hijack Thai Airways flight 340, heading from Lahore to Bangkok. Investigation has been started after registering the case, while airport security was also investigating the security flaws, as how alleged hijackers reached to departure lounge with weapon and why they could not be checked from airport entrance gate, police check post, lounge gate and luggage scanner.