Another Setback for PTI as Imran Khan Divorced Reham Khan


By Asad Mirza

The vehement dissension between chairman of Tehreek e Insaf And his wife Reham Khan took new turn of life and concluded on divorce.

Asad Mirza of Pakistan TV.TV has been informed by unimpeachable sources that Imran Khan and Reham Khan had reached to an agreement of huge amount of five crore to be acquainted with the silence on this separation .

Authoritative sources have informed Asad Mirza that the rift between Imran Khan and reham Khan became a vehement dissension, when Reham khan stepped forward in practical politics. Imran Khan showed offensive attitude against Reham and also favoured the production of a film on women rights by her .

After knowing that she got a huge amount of 8 crore from a well-known member and illustrious industrialist of PTI , afflicting misconceptions prolonged…then Imran Khan made an assumption to return the amount but she denied to do that …also that industrialist and known member of PTI has denied to take that amount back.

A famous saying is that “adversity is the best judge of friend and foe”…in these critical and perplexed situation reham was opposed by imran Khan’s sisters too. Authentical and vindicated sources told AsadMirza that some official representatives of PTI knew about all matter and demanded to diminish this delusion .

Reham Khan demanded 10 crore to conceal the secret but after the conciliation from Imran khan and other important party officials she agreed on 5 crore.Both Imran Khan and Reham Khan are bound to evade the poisoned matter and will expose that all is well in their lives.