Under Age Marriage Problem in Pakistan

By Zohaib
Under Age Marriage a Curse in a society

Still in this age of technology a curse of under age marriage lies in our society and nobody apart from few ngo’s dare to highlights this sick issue.

In Pakistan a sense of poverty, social insecurity and considering the female gender as a burden has been the main cause. I know lot of people from my village who have married their underage daughters to very old people because of these issues. Many girls in rural areas are being married without the consent to a very old men. I personally know a case where a Chaudry approached the poor men, whose daughter he had been ogling and harassing for many months, ask for hand, in exchange for few thousand rupees. Father who had been stricken with poverty said yes, the girl was barley14. There are many cases which go unreported and if it catches the media’s eye the core issue is not even highlighted.

Many people here tries to take the veil behind the religion that Islam not forbids the underage marriage and these so called Mullahs tries to quote the example out of context.
To my understanding the marriage could be nullified if the consent of the girl is not involve in the decision, and it had happened through out in the Islamic history where the girls have rejected the marriage proposal. It is Ha-ram to marry a girl without her consent. I discussed this issue with the cleric and on the condition of anonymity he said the clerics should come forward and clear this myth and islam never encourages underage marriage.

Apart from the consent of the girls the poverty and social injustice is also the main factor of child marriage. The government has failed to address the dire situation. The ruling elite for many years are keeping wealth in their hand are not transferring it to the poor. No proper education system is in this country for needy people who could send their children schools. If the schools are present the situation is very worse, broken furniture no electricity and absenteeism of school teacher.

The child marriage also poses a threat to the girl’s health in general. The bride her self is immature and if she gets pregnant her pregnancy could cause many complications to her herself and her unborn child.

The government should take action and establish a body which should look after these issues and should also draft the law prohibiting the underage marriage and the violator of the this law should be registered as a sex offender.,and life imprisonment.