Is one human life more substantial than the other?


By Yeshel Asif

The contemporary scenario of the World is exceedingly chaotic. Tens of militant groups around the globe and the World governments are battling out their differences in various parts of the World. During WWII, Nazism was the threatening ideology, then it was Communism and now it seems as if Islam as a whole, and not solely the fundamentalist interpretations, is seen as a threat.

September 11th 2001, the World order changed dramatically when two Al-Qaeda linked jets brought down the World Trade Centre. Although, the incident itself is subject to multiple conspiracy theories but we’re not getting into that. 3000 innocents were robbed of their precious lives. USA addressed their strategy clearly. Terrorism was to be eradicated and peace was to be established. USA and NATO forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to eliminate Talibanisation and in 2003, Iraq was invaded for allegedly carrying chemical weapons. Pakistan, threatened of the US deterrence, also established an alliance.

Fourteen years subsequent to the GWOT, Terrorism is far from eliminated, and actually on the contrary, has risen. Millions of Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians and hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis, Libyans, Somalians have been victimized, and not just that, thousands of Europeans have also lost their lives in various attacks carried out by Terrorists, but the insignificance with which a Muslim life is treated, however, is uncongenial. When a Muslim dies, no or limited notice is taken, and that somehow exposes the so called ambassadors of human rights and their double standards.

The recent ISIS attacks on Paris have worsened the situation. France has bombed multiple ISIS havens and unfortunately, some have fallen onto the civilians. Tens of innocent children and civilians have either suffered injuries or died as a result of the airstrikes, but does that matter? Did the World leaders unite in solidarity? Did any Social networking website introduce a supporting trend? Did any celebrity speak out? Does anyone raise their voices for Palestinians? Did any multinational media organization provide 24/7 coverage? Millions of Muslims who died during this period weren’t even battling and those killed in Europe weren’t as well. The selective humanity approach is truly bizarre.

Media has the power to influence and manipulate the audience. 16/12/14 was one of the darkest days in Pakistan’s history. Around 150 innocent children were inhumanely massacred, and all it got from multinational media was a 15 seconds hourly news flash. Similar was the case when a Kenyan University was attacked and students were again brutally massacred. Charlie Hebdo attacks, on the other hand, got 24/7 media coverage, countless vigils, peace marches etc. I am in no way undermining the momentousness of the lives lost at Charlie Hebdo or November attacks in Paris, but how the World cries for one and disowns the other gives the wrong impression. Each and every single human life is of equal vitality, none should be considered superior to another, but unfortunately that’s the case.

I understand how rising anti-Islam sentiments and Islamophobia diminishes the fact that Muslim lives are of considerable substantiality, but there is no justification to selective humanity. You can not judge a majority based on what a minority does. Going from particular to universal itself contradicts Logic. As long as we don’t unite as human beings and feel each others’ pain, we’ll never be able to solve any problem, and specially not being able to eradicate Terrorism.

The realization of equality and the significance of each human life should be respected, but as long as we don’t give up the concept of superiority and keep promoting selective humanity, World won’t see a drastic change.