Unemployment in Pakistan

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By Sara Zahoor

Pakistan, our country where we live with freedom and have access to everything and to enjoy our lives with freedom this is the thinking of those Pakistani people who are living in abroad. 

When they came back to Pakistan and they think that they have bundle of issues living in abroad while people living in Pakistan don’t have that type of issues but they don’t live here that’s why they are not aware of the fact that People living here are facing issues and the main issue is of Unemployment for educated persons.

There are hundreds of hundred people that are educated and jobless. Educated people are sitting free in their houses and some are bound to do jobs in hotels as waiters, working at shops to feed their families.

Their moral is decreasing day by day and they want to go to another country for future of their families and here they can also do nothing as they even cannot go abroad as they don’t have sufficient money to go to foreign countries.  If you go to market there you can realize that you can’t even approach for a simple job unless you don’t have a strong reference to get the job or you have to pay some money to get the job. People think that this is happening with Government jobs but this is not the case with Government jobs.

The same thing is happening in Private sectors. The ratio of educated people is increasing with the passage of time and there is no single hope for them to have a job.  The death rate is also increasing due to Unemployment.

When a person has bunch of degrees and he/she can’t get even a single job then they commit suicide and they don’t commit suicide with happiness they do just because of having stress of Unemployment, sitting free at home and worst case is when they see that an uneducated person can get higher authority in our society and they can’t.

Why is it happening and why they can’t get a job? This is a question for which no one can answer and no one can ask from Regnant why there is no jobs in Pakistan and why they didn’t try to establish some rules for educated persons on how they can serve the country by using their knowledge.