“Bangladesh Model” will likely to Implement in Pakistan from Next year

Raheel-Sharif and NawazIslamabad (Pakistan TV Web DesK/Asad Mirza) Irrefutable and legitimate resources has proclaimed that Pakistan can’t escape being ridiculed for the false n filthiest govt policies to run a state and make pure, benevolent n groomed progress.

Dominant persuasive n authoritative organizations worked very hard to annihilate the hideous corruption and disastrous terrorism,but political parties and different stakeholders screech n shed tears of crocodile to propagate against the virtuous act of lawful institutions.

These circumstances are agonizing and and irritating for patriot administrators of Pakistan It has been decided now to apprise loyal honest righteous unblemished elegant eligible administrators for the country.

To eradicate the nefarious ailments like corruption and terrorism,Technocrat type government is essential now at both federal and provincial level. Authoritative n corroborate administrative authorities have accomplished the process of clearance and selection of quintessential and unimpeachable persons for this purpose.

The name of new prime-minister is designated but it is very confidential yet credible n valid resources have informed the representative of Pakistan tv.tv Mr Asad Mirza that chief justice of Pakistan Justice Anwer ZaheerJamali will play a decisive n significant role to eradicate the nefarious corruption and terrorism and he will shield the new constitution to implement it forcefully and accurately.

Vindicate and valid resources litigated that new constitution like “”Bangladesh Model””will be implemented by originating a few amendments in it. Here is literally noticeable that warnings of CAOS and Chief Justice for bad governance are over passed by so called corrupt leaders.

Acrimonious and obstinate behavior of govt representatives is fabricating atmosphere of uncertainty and damaging the purposes of “”operation Zerb e Azb”‘ Dominant and reliable resources have informed Mr Asad Mirza that the new constitution will be introduced for first four months and wistful passionate experienced patriot loyal capable and talented persons will be chosen to run the state effectively.

Credible authoritative powerful n reliable administrators and judiciary will be highly supportive to the new constitution.every public servant will be hold to a degree of accountability.