I am a woman-Hear me roar

12395560_10207145445887855_1314414749_nBy Masoomeh Batool

I am a woman. The curves on my body and the smile on my face has made many men turn around and look at me the second time. They stare at me with mouths dropped open like I am some candy lying on the shelf of a store- waiting to be consumed, lying at their disposal.

What they don’t see is the spirit within me. The way my soul dances with my demons. The way my imagination runs wild with passion for the things I love. The way my eyes envision dreams.

Being a woman has somehow given people the right to treat me like im inferior. As though my sole purpose of coming into this world is to eventually get married and provide for my husband and children. But they fail to realize that the love I give my family, and the way I support my friends is not because that’s their right, but because I have a heart big enough to love them, to provide for them, to nurture them.

Nobody has a right over me. Or over the millions of women in the world who are made to appear infront of one family after the other, serving them tea, and showing them how she walks before they decide whether she is fair enough to marry their son. No woman deserves to be whistled at like she were a dog, and have men think she is a slut just because she decided to have a coffee alone.

The funny part is, if you’re a woman, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how creative your mind is, or how rationally you can make decisions. At the end of the day being a woman itself means that any man has the right to blacken your name, call your character into question, treat you like an object, and get away without being questioned.

In a society that is moving towards liberal mindsets, freedom of speech, acceptance of various communities, people have still not come to treat men and women equally. Even in western societies that are supposedly more liberal than the developing countries, a vast gender pay gap exists, more men occupy significant roles in the government as compared to women, and females are still treated like sex objects.  In the name of “love” husbands get to deprive a woman of her basic rights, and she can do absolutely nothing.

But you know what, you’re right. Its all the women’s fault at the end of the day. Simply because, being a female we underestimate ourselves. We prioritize others so highly in our lives, that in between it all, we let go of what is dearest to us. Despite being familiar with the fierceness of our soul, and the power we hold within, we throw ourselves at any man who comes our way and gives us the slightest amount of love and respect. But we’re wrong.

It’s about time we stood up. Stood up for what we deserve. And so what if we don’t find a man who understands us. My validity as human and a woman does not come from the man standing beside me. It comes from where I stand myself.

My spirit is like sunlight in your palm. You can never capture me.