Today’s politicians and people


By Muhammad Taimoor Shahid

Why Quaid-e-Azam made Pakistan? Why Pakistan came into being? for the illiterate persons ? there is no politician in Pakistan who talks about Islam, not only politicians there is no one who is acting upon Islamic teachings. The Politicians are giving money to the illiterate persons and buying votes. There is also no sense in the people that the persons who is giving money to people will do some good for country. Are we offering prayers and have some fear of Allah? No, if we have we should offer prayers and act upon on Islamic teachings and we should have some sense for casting vote. Every Politician today have some corruption charges on him. We should cast vote to an educated and Islamic person. Why we named Pakistan, The Islamic republic of Pakistan? Because,that there will be no one who will act upon the Islamic teachings? Today Politicians only come to us on that time in election and they make us fool and we are ready to vote them.
We should cast our votes to a true Islamic person ,an educated person and hospitable person. We should recite Quran daily to overcome our difficulties in our daily life.We should be united and have peace between each other and should think before doing any work that Allah will be happy or not.