RangersFederal Government has decisively determined to impel a forceful n efficacious operation against Terrorists ,their facilitators , co- conspirators and against all those hooligans evildoers and criminals that are peripherally involved in illegal n lawless activities in Pakistan .

First phase of this steadfast operation arranged by intelligence agencies would be comprised on taking intransigent and enforced action in various Districts of South Punjab as “” D.G Khan ,Rahim Yar Khan , Bahawalpur, Multan , Layyah, Bhakkar, Muzaffargarh, Jhang and Other enmeshed areas …

Not only to demolish and destroy the network of highly profiled most wanted transgressors and terrorists but also their living areas and training centers . Data of all facilitators, co – conspirators and coordinators of terrorist has been collected and accumulated to take strong action and to start operation against them in near future by Punjab rangers.

PakistanTV .TV Credible and Genuine resources has informed Asad Mirza that Due to annoying arraignment of political parties , it has been decisively decided that to take action against horrible terrorism very instantaneously without discrimination in districts of Punjab and Sindh. Vindicated and authoritative resources has informed Mr Asad Mirza that Government of Punjab was denying the presence of illegal criminal perspectives n terrorists in past ….

It was a severe act of negligence from Punjab Govt. This is an adequate achievement , success and efficacious performance of Rangers and Intelligence agencies to devastate the targeted areas of syndicated criminal areas of terrorists. All alert , active and most powerful intelligence agencies and graceful Punjab Rangers have established agenda, plans an armed preparations to exterminate , demolish and destruct the Cosa Nostra terrorists and their Yardbirds in various southern areas of Punjab without discrimination and without wasting any time.