Gen Raheel Sharif agree to get Extension,Exclusive Report By Asad Mirza

Army-Chief-General-Raheel-Sharif-visits-Lahore-GarrisonAcquainted and most sophisticated resources has asseverated sagaciously and unequivocally that COAS Mr honourable Raheel Sharif has accepted decisively and welcomed the proposal of extending his tenure by Govt of Pakistan…

Vindicated and authoritative resources has indicated to Asad Mirza that the cold proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran which is the greatest rivalry in Middle East could have repercussion the region. Extension of the tenure of COAS Raheel Sharif shows the privation and need of time because inadequate ,abdominal and atrocious circumstances are demanding the” unequalled , wide – awake , dexterous , green thumb, experienced , manipulative , qualitative and super visionary Administrative leadership ……and Honourable COAS has left no leaf unturned to be proven most favourite personality with embellished qualities.

Not only Govt of Pakistan and all Pakistanis but also whole world is admiring and admitting that this magnificent Commander should accept the extension of his tenure to lead Pakistan again. Authoritative resources has informed that his tenure could be extended for Three years.