The Prophet’s wells,Residents of Madinah ask municipality to preserve historic sites

There are a number of historical wells in Madinah, which is part and parcel of the city’s Islamic heritage. The most famous among them are the wells of Othman Bin Affan, Khatim, Ehen and Gharas and then comes Bosa, Bidhaa and Hae wells.

Residents of Madinah have criticized the authorities, especially the mayoralty, for neglecting these historical sites without giving them proper care and protection.

“Historians have mentioned these wells and their significance in texts of Islamic history. Although thousands of Muslims from all over the world visit them every year, the authorities have not taken any concrete steps to protect these valuable antiquities,” said one resident.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had drunk water from some of these wells while the Islamic army had camped near them during campaigns against enemy forces. This shows that they are closely related to the Islamic history, Al-Madinah Arabic daily said in a report.prophet-1-640x356 (1)Supporters wanted to develop the site through private investment, saying it would bring additional revenue to the endowment. The mayoralty should rent the place from the endowment department and encourage investors to develop it into a major recreation center.