Terrorist arrested in skin of teacher from Prime Minister House, By Asad Mirza

Nawaz SharifDecisive and reputable resources has revealed to Asad Mirza that Qari Hidayat ullah of southern Punjab has been caught red handed with illegal n most destructive ammunition while going to Jaati Umra the residential area of prime minister of Pakistan.

He is a religious scholar n has been appointed to provide religious education to the children of (late)Mr Abbas Sharif , brother of Mr Shehbaz Sharif. CTD Authorities has arrested Qari Hidayat Ullah with his two companions ensign by him. Additional IG Punjab Mr Rai Tahir has been pressurized by the nephew of prime minister Mr Yousuf Abbas to release Qari HidayatUllah but case against Qari had been registered so Mr Rai Tahir compensated to release him.

Fastidious and validated resources has revealed to Asad Mirza that Mr Yousuf Abbas used to keep in touch with various police officers but he faced failure . Additional IG Punjab Mr Rai Tahir became a barricade in the way of Mr Yousuf Abbas as he informed him that his desire can’t be fulfilled regarding Qari Hidayatullah. CTD authorities has sent Qari of southern Punjab on Judicial remand after a month of investigation.