The Broken Fetus

The Broken Fetus

The Broken Fetus

By  Durrah Abdullah

We as human beings have been desensitized and forgotten the sanctity of life. Through the decades, the meaning of life has changed so much that it’s turned more into a medical term rather then something which we used to cherish. The inception of life begins from the very first stage of conception of sperm and ovum. Though at this stage it’s still missing prominent features such as eyes, nose and ears. Still this doesn’t make it less precious or inanimate, the seeds of life have begun. There are still disputes within the realm of medical experts as to when the fetus is considered viable, whereas the masses have dissociated life with the fetus until it has been born alive.

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in our society where two points of view exist, pro-life or pro-choice. These two opposing views have been against each other since decades, one believes in the sanctity of life whereas the other believes in the individual’s right to choose. The right of the individual to choose to abort the fetus because in some cases the conception was a result of sexual violation. Hence she doesn’t want to bring the child of the violator into the world so pro-choice is safeguarding the rights of these individuals. The question arises, who’s fighting for the rights of the unborn child, why does the child’s life need to end so that the mother can start hers again.

The process of abortion itself is inhumane, many are unaware as to how the fetus is removed from the womb. Depending upon how long has passed since the conception, different procedures exist to remove the fetus from the uterus. These barbaric procedures involve removal of the fetus piece by piece, the arms, legs and head are removed in pieces. The limbs of the unborn child are ripped apart until there’s nothing left in the womb.

In Pakistan, an estimated 890,000 abortions occur annually according to a research study conducted in 2002-2003 by Population Council. In 2002, there were 27 abortions per 1000 women between the ages of 15-49 which increased to 50 abortions in 2012. There seems to be an alarming rate at which abortions in Pakistan is increasing. Almost all these abortions were clandestine or posed a risk to the lives of the mother.

We need to take measures to create awareness in general public about the sacredness of life and how gruesome the process of abortion is. We need to lift the taboo on such subjects so that people can be more open to talk about it and be able to enquire about it without the social stigma. There are many ways toward tackling this issue but right now the only barrier stopping us is our insignificance towards this social cause.

Be pro-life, not pro-death.