Volvo Start Lahore to Islamabad luxury bus Service In Pakistan

Volvo Bus Lahorenews4545sf5f54fs45fsVolvo#Volvo introduces intercity roadliner luxury bus service called #Connect initially starting its service between Lahore and Islamabad… A super luxury bus having 21 all recliner luxury seats, dish tv, movie bank, music bank, on board charger for laptop and mobile n above all it has an on board washroom… The services will be a non stop from Lahore to Islamabad The service between Islamabad and Lahore will be non stop and once the Karachi motorway is up and running, they are to start their operations for there as well. Lahore to Islamabad ticket – Rs 3300 The terminal in Lahore is located at Fortress stadium and in Islamabad at the junction of public pindi and Kashmir highway