Charity: A Blessing or Disguise

Charity: A Blessing OR Disguise?

There is a very popular idiom saying that “maturity comes with age”, but there is also a same type of general impression about money as well. Basically the need for money is in the instincts of human being. Earlier when there was no currencies involved still people strived to earn more and more through different systems like barter etc. and tried to be better off in the society. There were always poor or low income groups existed in the economy throughout the globe. But then charity was not as much popular business to focus as today. Can we give a thought about how many ways are there to define charity?

Charity is not only helping a beggar, or participating in a social welfare program but it gives an easy option to the beneficiary for his particular needs. Many people will think, this as negative point of view which is in-fact right, but we have forgotten the role of charity in the wheel of our economy of the country. There are no taxes levied on charitable income or institution that runs on charity. However the helper of beneficiary might come in a tax net but it’s not necessary though.

Secondly, charity helps an individual for a particular or temporary period of time but it’s not a permanent solution, rather it is a style of business these days. Over the period of time beggars have become professionals and there are different jobs role for them, switching areas to increase their experience in the industry and eventually portfolio. On the other hand welfare organizations are increasing by a great number because there is enough scope in this field, since Pakistanis are the fourth most giving nation in the world, paying the most as a percentage of our net income.

Thirdly, the most important factor involved in charity structure is that it seems to be another way of generating secret non taxable income. Charities are believed to be given for help but as I discussed it is mostly used in saving the tax saving idea to run a serious business

For an economy like Pakistan where there are only almost 0.9 million taxpayers in a population of around 180 million people, we are among the worst taxpaying nations in the world. Role of government is also not prominent towards these issues. Rather government has initiated and even sustained the charity schemes like Benazir income support program to help people. If we think negatively so we can say that government is actually encouraging charity, and this is increasing the number of beggars in the society. In the long run, these people who are poor by nature, lives in deep rural areas of the country, will remain poor and uneducated for the next generation also, if government doesn’t help them earn themselves and do the hard work for their living and make their children educated.

I am a negative thinker, but I might think positive for the country, may be this article will help us improving our lifestyle towards charity and discourage begging while encouraging hard working individuals’ success stories to shine in the society for a bright future of the nation.


Wajahat Siddiqui

Institute of Business Management (IoBM)