Political influence in Universities.

FB_IMG_1458559700476By Qahir Ali

The main object of a student is to study in university, but nowadays there is an additional trend of students political parties in universities.

Students are engaged in various political parties which are so influential in university matters. For instance, university of Karachi is famous for students politics since very long. JAMIAT, PSF, PSA,ISO,APMSO etc are quite a few parties in university of Karachi. Though, sometimes these parties are significant but at times they are wicked and violent. Because of students politics in universities there is a concept of favouritism and favoritism among students which leads to the assaultation on one other which is wholly wrong and threatening for students.

students seem in competition and they use to play mischievous tricks, machinations and pranks for each other. They have forgotten that they are students and their basic aim is to study and to gain knowledge but they have made themselves extremists, rough and dreadful which bring about other students scared, terrified and daunted.Politics of students causes indiscipline and a big mess for university.

Therefore, its my request to the government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to take strong measures against this.