What is the ruling on using perfume during Ramadan ? Grand Mufti Answered

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What is the ruling on using perfume during fasting month?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: Using perfume is acceptable during fasting.

Those observing fast should be careful that the smell does not reach the throat, in which case they should re-fast.

But if it was done accidentally, then there is no need to re-fast.

Also, using perfume or incense to lure others is prohibited.

Does drinking water during Adhan of Fajr invalidate the fast?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: Those observing the fast should strictly observe the Iftar and Imsak timings. People should refrain from eating or drinking at least 5-10 minutes before Adhan of Fajr.

If the person drinks water during Adhan of Fajr, he should re-fast after Ramadan.

Does a nicotine patch invalidate fast?

During Ramadan this year, Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael, Grand Mufti at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD), will answer readers’ questions concerning the Holy Month.

Does wearing a nicotine patch while fasting make it invalid?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: A nicotine skin patch’s contents do not go through the throat to the stomach.

This radiation is not something tangible to the abdomen therefore, the nicotine skin patch does not break the fast.

But, if it is providing the body with its needs from nicotine it will be better for a fasting person not to use this during Ramadan. The fast is valid, as long as it does not reach the stomach.

A fasting person must strive to refrain from smoking.

What is the Shariah ruling for wearing make-up while fasting?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: Make-up does not break the fast because such substances are placed on the body and do not go to the abdomen.

Woman putting makeup on her face does not break her fast. In case of eyeliner (kohl), if it somehow reaches her throat her fast will be broken and she should re-fast this day.

However, women in Ramadan should not wear make-up during the day, because she is fasting and fasting should not be spoiled by such things. Perfuming during Ramadan is also not preferred.

What is the Islamic ruling on food or liquid regurgitating from the stomach to the mouth during fasting?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashael: Leftover food or juice emerging from the stomach unwittingly and not because of vomiting do not break the fast.

However, if the food or juice goes back to the stomach the fasting is invalid and the person should re-fast this day.

This in case when person could control the movement and still allowed some of the food or juice to back to the stomach. S/he must re-fast this day.