CSS vs The English Grammar

Untitled-1I went to a Post Office recently for some courier related concerns and the person next to me on the counter advised me in a lower voice to use some private courier service provider instead of the Pakistan Post for if the parcel documents are of some importance. That made me silent for a couple of minutes. I knew the man was doing me some social favor but why? So perceiving my silence, he ultimately came to the reason that Pakistan Post would delay the delivery and it might mishandle my documents and he carried on. I was still adamant to use the national courier service. My turn came in, and to my amazement there was some guy in his 7th score of age, literally topless, enjoying the wind, asked me for the parcel. I forwarded mine, and found he copied the address wrong on the receipt slip. Woah, a wrong address, intentionally? The time this package gets lost I would not be able to drag the department in to some recovery. May be.

This was not a big deal as how our system is working is clear to everyone around. I requested him to correct the address for me, but he told me not to worry about this and bla bla. I left the counter to the main gate. Meanwhile, I read another counter specifically for the MoneyGram. I was surprised, as in after the innovatory Cash Transfer Services provided by Mobile Operators in collaboration with Local backs are easily accessible at the corner of every street, no one uses MoneyGram now-a-days. Next to it was the room of a Postal Officer, yes the one who joins this office after a rigorous selection process of the Pakistan Civil Superior Services. And yes, this is where the ranting in this writing starts. I peeked in a bit, he looked quite young and energetic. Anyway, all the way back to home, my mind kept stuck at the reasons of having a Competitive Officer holding this office in a certain lame national department. He had been through all the recruitment processes of the Federal Public Service Commission. I still ask the FPSC for reasons behind having such cases.

Every year, after the exam, FPSC publishes some papers on its website about the flaws and shortcomings in the preparation of examination and in how they attempted the papers of CSS. Most of the time, they blame the English grammar for ruining the charm of paper as almost all the papers are in English language with a few exceptions. Times and again, FPSC has tried to declare the English language as screening exam. Even for a certain period, there was a screening exam to stand eligible for the real exam of the CSS. FPSC blames our education system for this, it actually does in one way or the other. They see the drawbacks of the Education Department for putting out the not-so-perfect candidates and write about them. Did they ever write such things about the departments they recruit the staff to? The answer might be a big no.

Education system has always been a deprived or say less privileged child of our country. No one bothers to talk except a few sit-ins by the least influential teachers, useless ultimately. The department has majorly been given under the provincial control, but still the federation and its departments look into it like FPSC and others do during their recruitment phases. It is the time, we should put the question back to the court of FPSC and the Provincial Public Services Commissions, of considering adding the education department into their departments of recruitment. If there is a need for a bunch of officers from CSS and PMS for a department like the Pakistan Post, why are we still not starting to think for an Assistant Commissioner (or say an Assistant Director) in the education department on both national and provincial basis through the rigorous selection and training processes. Had there been any officer through this process joining this department, we might have seen a mighty revolution. There is no later than doing nothing at all. We are still in the development phase and we can easily incorporate another office for the aspirants. It will not also help Pakistan get rid of the wrong-meanings to get a job in this least-privileged education department and ruin their futures, but there are chances of improvement and understanding of the social needs of this public sector.

I would request the FPSC administration, instead of blaming the education system every year, to come up with the incorporation of Education Department at both federal and provincial levels. The recruited officers in this department should go through all the selection process set by Public Service Commissions and then the training should be mandatory for a year before joining the office.