Hyderabad fund case: UK court rejects India’s plea to dismiss

dc-Cover-qeoair9n2fa3n777frd5fr1mi5-20160621215143.Medinews64sf5f56sf54f45A UK court on Tuesday rejected India’s plea to dismiss Pakistan’s claim to the nearly Rs 350 crore under the Hyderabad Fund case, pushing the matter for a full trial.

In a release Pakistan Foreign Office said, “The English High Court rejected Indian attempt to strike out Pakistan’s claim to the Hyderabad Fund, on 21 June 2016…India failed to persuade the Court that Pakistan’s position was untenable and that it could show no legal entitlement to the 35 million GBP sitting in a bank account in the name of the High Commissioner of Pakistan, since 20th September 1948.

“The Judge accepted that there was good evidence in support of Pakistan’s claim to the monies, which needed to be fully considered at a trial.”