State of Minorities and Constitution of Pakistan

20150714_124009Most of the people in Pakistan want to live in a peaceful and conducive environment where nobody is discriminated at the basis of cast, creed, color, language and the religious belief he or she may have.

The notion of non-discrimination is stated in the constitution of Pakistan also same is declared in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights (UDHR).

But this is irony that whatever is written in the constitution of Pakistan is not practiced and this is the reason that the minorities are suffering.

The word minority refers to a non-Muslim be they Hindus, Sikhs, Ahemadis, Christians etc etc when a person or a group is labeled as minority the unending misery starts and this leads to moral degradation, unemployment, deprivation of all Human Rights, minorities also feel that they are unwanted in Pakistan and they will never make into main stream of the population in Pakistan.

In democracy people are treated as equal citizens and equal opportunities are granted to everyone and in some cases minorities are given special privileges in the shape of quota to make up their short-comings to lift them to main stream so they can enjoy the fruits of economy and peace of mind.

Sadly in Pakistan nothing is done positivist for minorities despite so called many democratic governments in power from time to time.

The subcontinent was partitioned on the basis of religion and hatred against Hindus was base for the division of India and Pakistan and this hatred has been integrated part of textbooks in Pakistan, children from the very beginning are exposed to hate literature.

When peoples’ minds are polluted at the academic level how do we expect from them to adhere to the Article-20 of the Pakistan’s constitution that “Subject to law, public order and morality; every citizen shall have the right to profess, practice and disseminate his/her religion and every religious denomination and every sect thereof shall have the right to establish, maintain and manage its religious institutions”.

In my candid opinion we need to take off all hate material in any shape and people need to be taught and made to abide by the law of the land which clearly endorses the equality for all citizens and bars every kind of discrimination.