Does death in Ramadan imply the deceased is a good person?

Dr. Ali Ahmed Mashaelnews54sf45f45fs54: Death at any time or any place doesn’t imply that the person is closer to Allah and is not a confirmation that the deceased is good or bad person.

Humans will be judged based on their deeds in afterlife. As the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) said, ‘if a person dies while stating La illaha illaAllah (there is no god but Allah), the person goes to Heaven. And those who fast to gain Allah’s pleasure and die while fasting also go to heaven; similarly if someone’s last act in life was charity to gain Allah’s pleasure they will also go to paradise.’

If a person dies while performing a good deed during Ramadan or at holy places such as Makkah and Madinah, they will have an advantage because the deceased’s rewards are substantially increased at these holy places.